Preschool Dinosaurs Activities

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Teeth Snack
Submitted by Pam
Make this cute Dinosaur theme snack by cutting bananas in half, spread melted butterscotch on top and then dip the banana in graham crackers
Dinosaur Egg Snack
Submitted by Mindy
Simply Use the Easter Egg Jell-O mold to make dinosaur eggs with the children. Put fruit dinosaur snack in the middle of the Jell-O for added effect.
Paleontologist Dig
Submitted by June
Put fruit dinosaur snacks in chocolate pudding. Have your children use their shovels (spoons) to attempt to find the dinosaurs in the pudding.
Jell-O Dinosaur
Submitted by Sarah
Make a sheet of Jell-O and use cookie cutters to make them in the shape of dinosaurs
Dinosaur Digging
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
D is for Dinosaur digging. Find miniature bones and put them in your sand table. Let your children through the sand and find the little bones. Then they glued then on paper to make their own dinosaur. Little paleontoligists!
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