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The Jaws of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Submitted by Liz
Put a ten foot circle some where in your class. Hide large Dino teeth in different places around the room before they get there. Have the children find the teeth and bring them back to the circle. Tape the teeth around the circle. Explain to the children that the circle is how wider the Tyrannosaurus Rex mouth was. Let them see how many of them can fit in the jaw
Dinosaur Egg Hunt
Submitted by lee
Hide plastic eggs (Dinosaur Eggs) on the playground or in the classroom and have a dinosaur egg hunt
Stay out of the Swamp
Submitted by Tina
Use either a jump rope, broomsticks, piece of rope, etc. Set the two objects parallel to each other (forming a swamp). The children then jump across the swamp trying not to land in the dinosaur-infested area. Move the objects farther apart after each attempt
Tyrannosaurus Rex Tag
Submitted by Beverly
One of the children is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the others are all plant-eaters. Mark off a fairly large area and have Tyrannosaurus Rex try to tag the plant-eaters. When the Tyrannosaurus Rex tags them, they must sit on the ground and stay there. Once the Tyrannosaurus Rex has tagged all of the plant-eaters, the last person to be tagged becomes the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Dinosaur Dig
Submitted by Connie
Hide plastic dinosaurs in your sand area and let your children dig for bones.
Dinosaur Goose
Submitted by Barbra
Instead of duck-duck-goose, Play Triceratops-Triceratops-Brontosaurus.
Name the Dino Tag
Submitted by India
Play it just like TV Tag. When a child is tagged, they must call out the name of a dinosaur or go to the tar pit
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