Preschool Dental Health Activities

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Toothpaste Silly-Putty
Submitted by Mindy
Combine 1 ml water with 5 ml toothpaste, 10 ml of white glue, and 10 ml of laundry starch (dry). Knead Well. This will make enough putty for a couple of kids. Simply multiply the formula for more children.
Toothbrush Give Away
Submitted by Pollie
Go to local dentist and get them to donate enough toothbrushes for all of your children. At the end of dental week give all of them a toothbrush.
Good and Bad Snacks
Submitted by Mandy
Give each of your children a couple of Oreo cookies. Have them eat them and let them look in the mirror at their teeth. Then discuss with them how plaque builds up on your teeth. Next give your children some fruit and have them look at their teeth again. Now tell your children how some foods are good for your teeth and how others are not
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