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Who has the Crocodile?
Submitted by Julie
Cut out a crocodile shape. Have everyone close their eyes while you give one child a the cut out. Then have your children guess who has the crocodile
Feed the crocodile
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Draw a large crocodile face on a piece of poster board or the side of a box. Cut a hole out where the crocodile's mouth would be and add paper teeth (make it at least twice the size of the beanbag). Tape the board to a chair and let each of your children take three tries to feed the crocodile (by throwing a beanbag into the crocodile's mouth).
Stay out of the Swamp
Submitted by Tina
Use either a jump rope, broomsticks, piece of rope, etc. Set the two objects parallel to each other (forming a swamp). The children then jump across the swamp trying not to land in the crocodile area. Move the objects farther apart after each attempt
Crocodile Can't Get Me or
Monkeys In The Forest
Submitted by Linda
Have one (or several children) be the crocodile. The rest of your children must try to cross the forest (a set space that you specify) and not get eaten (tagged) by the crocodile. If they get caught then they join the crocodile to try to catch more monkeys, keep playing until everyone is crocodiles.
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