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Gingerbread Count
Submitted by an Unknown
Cove a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil (to make it look like a cookie sheet) and paste several gingerbread men on it. Write a different number on each gingerbread man. Let your children count out a corresponding number of gumdrops (or cheerios) and put on each one. This is a great fun math lesson
Real Cookie Bingo
Play Just like real bingo but use cookies to cover the squares!
Gingerbread Paper Dolls
Cut out gingerbread people shapes. Then cut out different clothing items for the shapes (shoes, hats, jackets, etc.) Let your children create a gingerbread wordrobe
Cookie Match
Submitted by Paige
Outline cookie cutters on a file folder. Let your children match the cookie cutter with the outline.
Cookie Bingo
Submitted by Mickey
Make bingo boards on circular pieces of brown paper. Provide your children with chocolate chips (made from paper) to use to cover an area. When they get bingo, give them a real cookie!
Feed the Cookie Monster
Submitted by Lori
Create a large cookie monster with his mouth cutout. Then play just like 'pin the tail on the donkey' only with cookies.
Real Cookie Bingo
Submitted by Janice
Play Just like real bingo but use cookies to cover the squares!.
Gingerbread Hunt
Submitted by Maureen Baer Young
I have a gingerbread girl doll and my class went on a hunt to find her. I wrote a note and left clues. We went around the school and asked different people if they had seen her. The children enjoyed trying to find her.
Gingerbread Letters
Submitted by D. Maureen Young, Carmichael Ca.
For my Gingerbread Theme to teach the sounds the letters make I cut out 26 small gingerbreadmen. I write the alphabet letters on each one and make a gingerbread house out of a shoe box. We sing "Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread boy or girl." Then we hold up a letter and sing that sound for example: DD as D as you can you can't catch me I'm the letter
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