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Circle Time Find-it
Submitted by Linda
During circle time ask each child to find something in the room with a certain color. They can then individually go get their object and bring them back to the circle to share.
Color Match
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Cut out large circles of the primary colors. Then cut out smaller circles of all different colors. Let the children match the colors and match which colors make up the smaller dots (ie put a green dot in either blue or yellow).
Match it
Submitted by Debby
Get two empty egg cartons and twenty-four small rocks that fit in the eggcups. Paint the rocks and corresponding sections of the egg carton with various. When the rocks have dried, hide them in you sand table. Have students go on a color dig to hunt for rocks and match them to the correct sections of the egg carton.
Rolling rainbows
Submitted by Jenni
Take clear plastic soda bottles and fill them with water and put mosaic tiles in them. Now your children can roll the bottles and watch the rainbow colors swirl. Note: Both glue and tape the cap on so that your children can not open it.
Rainbow Bottle
Submitted by Debby
Get several different densities of liquid (oil, water, alcohol, etc) and use food coloring to die each one a different color. Put these in a bottle (oil then water then alcohol) and let your children play with these bottles.

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