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Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash
Submitted by Lisa
Read the book Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash and then let your children hang up wash with clothespins
Laundry Room
Submitted by Tina
Set up a laundry room in your dramatic play area.
*Put up a clothesline with miniature clothespins
*Provide a miniature washer and drier
*Provide doll clothes for your children to pretend wash
*Cut cloth scraps in the shape of clothes for them to hang.
Who's Here
Submitted by Jenni
Have your children say that they have arrived every morning by marking their attendance with a clothespin. Put your children's names on something that they can clip a clothespin to. Have them clip the clothespin on their name when they arrive and take it off before they leave. One idea is to make a wheel out of Styrofoam and tape signs for all of your children around it. They can then clip the pin on their name to mark attendance.
Clothespin Snack
Submitted by Tina
Have your children use clothespins like chopsticks to eat snack.
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