Preschool Christmas Activities

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Friendship Tree
Submitted by babybaer
Instead of making a Cristmas Tree we made a Friendship Tree. We read a story about friends. Then we cut out a Christmas Tree and at the top we wrote What Is A Friend? Then we wrote down the children's answers.
Reindeer Treat Cup Cakes
Submitted by Cindy
  1. Prepare your favorite cup cake recipe
  2. Prepare or buy frosting/ icing and color it brown with food coloring
  3. Decorate:
  • Antlers: break pretzels in half for two antlers and insert on either side of the cup cake
  • Nose: Half a maraschino cherry
  • Eyes: Small Hershey kisses or other small candy (M&M's) for eyes.
Candy Cane Reindeers
Submitted by Cindy

This is an inexpensive gift that teacher can make and put in children's stocking.

What You Need:
  • Candy canes
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Small wiggle eyes
  • Mini red or black cotton balls
What You Do:
  • Wrap the pipe cleaners around the top of the cane and shape to resemble antlers, glue on eyes, and cottons balls for nose. Tie it with a ribbon and put in children's stocking