Preschool Christmas Games

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Ring the Bell
Cut a large bell shape out of a large piece of cardboard. Attach bells to a piece of ribbon. Then attach the ribbon to the top of the bell cutout. Let your children throw bean bags or balls through the hole and ring the bell.
Santa's Toy Shop
Put different spots on your floor (use tape, paper bags, hula hoops, etc.). Put different toys on each spot. Tell your kids that they need to test out new toys for them. Play music and tell the children they have one song to play at an area and then one the music stops they move to the next area.
Christmas Bingo
Submitted by Tina
Play Christmas bingo with your children! Make a bingo card with different Christmas shapes on it (Christmas Trees, Stockings, Reindeer, Fireplaces, Santa, Ornaments). Next make Rudolph Nose markers (red circles). Have your children cover the shape you call or hold up larger pictures of them.
Big & Little Christmas Trees

Call out big, medium, and little and have your children to be that size of Christmas Tree.

  • Big: stand up with feet together and put hands above head in a point
  • Middle: Squat knees together and put hands above head in a point
  • Little: Sit down with legs crossed and put hands above head in a point
Pass The Christmas Fun
Have all your children sit in a circle. Have them all pass something fun (candy, small toys, crayons, etc) Have them pass the item around the circle (once they have one mastered you can have them pass two, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise) Play music and when you stop the music the child that is holding the item gets to keep it and then give one to another child that has not yet recieved an item. Continue the game until everyone has an item.
Have all your children sit in a circle. Have them all pass mistletoe (use plastic or silk ones from the store) around the circle. Play music and when you stop the music everyone blows kisses to the person holding the mistletoe.
Santa, Santa, Reindeer
Submitted by Connie
Play just like duck, duck, goose
Chase Santa
Get Santa. Play just like red light, green light. But you are santa and the children are racing to reach you. For more fun provide dress up materials (elve hats, santa hats, beards, boots, etc.)
Don't Touch the Bows
Put bows all throughout your classroom on the (floors, chairs, etc). Play music and have your children run around without touching the bows.
Decorate the Tree
Cut out Christmas Trees with felt. Next cut out ornament shapes out of different colored felt. Let your children decorate the felt Christmas Trees. For older children tell them how many ornaments to put on the tree or have them roll dice to decide.
Match the Shapes
Use cookie cutter and draw different shapes on a large piece of felt. Use a knife to cut out the shapes. Let your children match the shape to the missing part of the felt.
Christmas Match
Submitted by Jan
Create several diferent Christmas Shape Cutouts (Santa, stocking, ornaments, Christmas Trees, etc). Cut them in half and then have your children match the halves.
Jingle Sheet

Place small bells on a sheet. Have each of your children grab a part of the sheet. Everyone picks up the sheet and the bells are in the middle. As you all sing Jingle Bells Have them move the sheet to jingle the bells. At the end of the song everyone raises their arms quickly which sends the bells flying

Pin the Nose on the Reindeer
Play just like pin the tail on the donkey, but use large red office circle stickers for noses on a Reindeer head cut out