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Chinese Wall Hanging
Submitted by Candice
What You Need:
  • Paper
  • Paint mix with glue and soap
  • Yarn
  • Popsicle Stick
What You Do:
  • Show children a Chinese wall hanging that families all over China use to decorate their walls. Explain to them that Chinese letters don't look like our letters and they are written up and down (not left to right English). Then give each child a long piece of paper and have them make their own Chinese Wall Hanging. They can make Chinese characters with a paintbrush and use yarn and a Popsicle stick (or pencil) to hang it.
Rice Painting - Have your children paint with a glue/paint mixture. They can then sprinkle rice in this paint. This dries really shine and makes a neat design
Lucky Envelops
Submitted by Bonnie
What You Need:
  • Red Paper
  • Gold Paint
What You Do:
  • After reading your children the book "Sam and the Lucky Money" show your children pictures of lucky red envelopes with gold writing on them. Then have them use the paper to make their own envelopes. They can tthen paint them using gold paint. You can then have your parents provide real money for them to get on Chinese New Year or you can make class money (children can exchange it for not cleaning up, extra special snacks, etc)
To make fireworks have children squirt glue on black paper and then cover the glue with different colored glitter.
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