Preschool Carnival Activities

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Ice Cream Clown
Submitted by Jill
Make an Ice Cream Clown, The head is a scoop of ice cream with a ice cream cone hat. You can then decorate the clown with M & Ms, Hot Fudge, Sprinkles, Caramel, etc. A great tasting cute treat for your kids.
Submitted by Lisa
Make a carnival in your classroom:
*Create a big top feel by looping streamers in your classroom.
*Tie balloons to a string between two poles and allow the children to squirt the balloons with spray bottles
*Cut a hole in a piece of plywood to let your children throw sponges at a clown
*Create a silly maze for the children to crawl through.
Balloon Treat
Submitted by Lisa
Make a balloon treat by decorating a rice cake (smaller sized ones) with frosting and adding a licorice string.
Carnival Shapes Treat
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Using shaped cookie cutters make sandwiches, Jell-O, cookies, or other treat in the shape of carnival things.
Balloon Snack
Submitted by Jenni
Make a balloon snack using either sugar cookies or rice cakes. Frost them and
Pie In the Face
For a fundraiser or just a fund day. . . Get a piece of plywood and paint some pictures on it and cut two or more holes for faces. Let the children throw whip cream pies at the teachers and/or staff.
Notes About Balloons
Submitted by B. W. Greene
Circus ideas are great! Caution on the balloons - make sure the children don't put the balloons to their face. When a balloon pops near the mouth it can wrapped around the lungs because the first reaction is a gasp which draws the pieces in to the mouth. Also make sure no one has a latex allergy. If one stretches the balloon first before blowing it up it inflates easier.
Cotton Candy Variety Balls
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
Buy some cotton candy that comes in the bag so it can already be in balls. Then you could roll them around in honey so it can stick to the confetti suger, peanuts, walnuts, oreo bits or any kind of favorite treat. Put it on a wrapped cone and enjoy.
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