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Ring Toss
Submitted by Lisa
Use a puppet stand or coat rack to make a ring toss. Tape different faces (happy, sad, animals, silly, etc) When the child rings a face they act out the face.
Pin the Nose on the Clown
Submitted by Jenni
Give each child a nose (pompom with double sided tape on it) and blind fold them and have them put the nose on the clown (you can spin the children but it is better not to do this for younger ones)
Roller Ball
Submitted by Jenni
Tape a piece of cardboard to one end of a muffin pan. Put the pan on a chair and have the cardboard go to the ground. Put different prizes in the muffin tins and then have your children roll tennis balls (or other small balls) up the ramp and into a muffin space. When they get it into a space give them the prize for that space (let your children play until they win a prize, then they can give the next child a chance).
Go Fish
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Create a fishing pole using a stick and a piece of yarn with a magnet tied to the end. Write different prizes on paper and tape them to magnets. Have your children try to catch the prizes.
Cotton Candy Match
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Create triangular cotton candy holders and puffy looking cotton candy cutouts in several different colors. Let your students match the cotton candy with its matching holder.
Bean Bag Toss
Submitted by Paige
Draw a large clown face on a piece of poster board. Cut a hole out where the clown's mouth would be (make it at least twice the size of the beanbag). Tape the board to a chair and let each of your children take three tries to throw the beanbag into the clown's mouth.
Jump Through Hoops
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Get Hula Hoops and let the children jump through them. To add a bit of excitement wrap red and orange ribbon around the hula hoop and pretend it is on fire!
Mix and Match
Submitted by Paige
Cut out two of various carnival shapes (clowns, rides, cotton candy, etc.) Put them all in a bowl or a clowns hat and let the children match them and then sort them any way they see fit
Grand Prize Game
Submitted by Lisa
Set up several coffee cans in row. Have your children take turns tossing ping pong balls or painted clothespins inot them.
Animal Balloons
Submitted by Tina
Let the children try to make animal balloons with the animals just like the real live clowns do. These balloons are really hard to blow up so get a balloon blowing up device to save yourself a lot of work.
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