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The Caterpillar
Submitted by Tina
The fuzzy little caterpillar went up into a tree (act like your climbing)
spun his cocoon and then (yawn) went to sleep (spin hands)
While he was sleeping he dreamt that he could fly (making flying motion)
When he woke up (loud, excited) he was a butterfly.
(Sung To "Row, row your boat")
Submitted by Jenny
One caterpillar , two caterpillars, three caterpillars today.
Four caterpillars, five caterpillars eating all the day.
One cocoon, two cocoons three cocoons today.
Four cocoons, five cocoons sleeping all the day.
One butterfly, two butterflies three butterflies today.
Four butterflies, five butterflies, flying, flying away.
The Little Caterpillar
(Sung to "Itsy, Bitsy Spider")
Submitted by Sarah
The little caterpillar crawled up into a tree,
Spun his cocoon and slept so quietly,
All through the winter he didn't make a sound,
He dreamt of his new life when he'd be flying all around.
While he was sleeping the snow did gently fall,
Winter came and went, then her heard the robin's call,
Come on Mr. Butterfly, out of your cocoon
Spread your wings and fly for me, while I sing my tune.
Fuzzy Caterpillar
Submitted by Tina
The fuzzy caterpillar curled up on a leaf.
Spun her little chrysalis and then fell fast asleep.
While she was sleeping, she dreamed that she could fly.
And later when she woke up, she was a butterfly.
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