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Ant Farm
Submitted by Jenni
Get an ant farm and let your kids watch. Them build their many tunnels
Buggy Aquarium
Submitted by Mrs. Kelli
Put a lot of bugs in an aquarium. Make sure the lid fits well. Let your kids watch the bugs. They will enjoy seeing the bugs as well as learn a lot.
Bee Hive
Submitted by Karen
Talk to your children about the intricate workings of a Bee Hive. Tell them about how all of the bees have a specific task and they all have to work together to have a successful Hive.
What Attracts Ants
Submitted by Sarah
Burry (to the rim) several containers of food in the ground. Put a piece of cardboard on top of the container. In some containers put foods that will attract bugs. In others put foods that won't. Before you put them out ask the children to suggest which foods they think the bugs will like. Check back latter and see if the children are right.
"The Very Quiet Cricket" Cricket Noise
Submitted by Mrs. Kelli
After reading the "The Very Quiet Cricket" get several crickets from a bait shop and let your children watch them make noise. Once your children have seen them take them outside and set them free.
Grow A Butterfly
Submitted by Jenni
Find a catterpillar and let it grow and transform into a butterfly!! Your children will love to watch the transformation over time.
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