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A Little Bubbly
Submitted by Jenni
Mix concentrated grape juice (or apple juice) with seltzer water instead of normal water. Your children will love how it tastes.
Electric Bubbles
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Get a small electric fan and have your children hold the bubble wand in front of it. The fan will blow the bubbles for them.
Bubbly Milk
Submitted by Jill
During bubble week let your children make bubbles in their milk.
Bubble Me
Submitted by Jenni
Pour homemade bubble solution into a wadding pull. Place a Hula-hoop in the pool. Next step in (barefoot) and slowly pull the Hula-hoop over you (or have someone else do it) You will be in a giant bubble
Make sparkling Jell-O during bubble week.
Special Bubbles
Submitted by Jenni
Get 5 inch long plastic piping from a local hardware store. Attach cheesecloth to one end. Dip the cloth into the bubble solution and have your children gently blow. You will get special, unique bubbles.
To make tiny bubbles use a fly swatter.
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