Preschool Bread Science

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What Makes Bread Rise
Submitted by Jamie
Show your children what makes Bread rise by mixing one tablespoon sugar, into one cup warm water (warm not hot!). Then adding one package of yeast. Watch what happens after a few minutes,
GingerBread Count
Submitted by Julie
Cover a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil (to make it look like a cookie sheet) and paste several gingerBread men on it. Write a different number on each gingerBread man. Let your children count out a corresponding number of gumdrops (or cheerios) and put on each one. This is a great fun math lesson
Bread Taste Test
Submitted by an Unknown User
Find as many different kinds of Bread as possible and let your children taste the different kinds of Bread
The Healthy Restaurant
Submitted by Wilma
In your dramatic play area set up a restaurant complete with menus, plastic food, and play money. They can pretend to be waiters and waitresses. Remind your children to order healthy food.
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