Preschool Bread Activities

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Dramatic Play Bakery
Submitted by Bet
During your food, bakery, Bread, etc week create a dramatic play bakery.
* Make a lot of white play dough so your children can roll it mash it and make their Bread
* Add muffin pans, cake pans, bowls, measuring cups, etc
* Provide your children with rolling pins, aprons, and maybe even chef hats!
* For an added effect add play food ingredients (salt, eggs, flour, etc.)
Breads Around the World
Submitted by Leslie
Let your children taste test different Breads, cakes, etc from all over the world during Bread week.
Bakery Visit
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Visit a local bakery and let your children see how Bread is made
Real Dough
Submitted by Betty
Make a large batch of playdough and divide it into parts. Make the different parts look and smell like the dough needed to make different cookies. For instance:
*Chocolate Chip - Mix cocoa powder into the playdough
*Ginger Bread -Mix ginger and cinnamon into the playdough
*Vanilla Wafers -Mix vanilla into the playdough.
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