Preschool Body Parts Science

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Submitted by Jane
Put a skeleton in your science area. This allows the children to touch, see and move the different bones in the body. You could also put pictures of the organs of the body around.
Where's Your Senses
Submitted by Jill
Trace your children on a large piece of paper. Have them either write, draw, or place stickers on the different places where their senses are (for instance draw a flour on your nose, a violin on your ear, etc.)
A Heart
Submitted by Karen
Show your children the pumping action of a heart by putting red colored water in a clear balloon. Put a straw in the balloon. When you squeeze the balloon water pumps out similar to the way it works in our bodie
How to Brush Your Teeth
Submitted by Bonnie
Show your children how to properly brush their teeth. You can usually get a packet with a toothbrush, those red tablets, and toothpaste from local dentist. This will allow them to chew the tablets. Brush their teeth and then look in a mirror and see what they missed.
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