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Body Part Dice
Submitted by Paige
Find a large cube and paste pictures of different body parts on it. Let the children take turns rolling the 'dice' and then chant
When (Child's Name)
Rolls the dice, we touch our (Body Part),
Rolls the dice, we touch our (Body Part),
When (Child's Name) rolls the dice, we touch our (Body Part),
We reach up high, When (Child's Name),
Rolls the dice, we touch our (Body Part)
Hokey Pokey
Submitted by Susan
Sing the Hokey Pokey and let the children explore their bodies
Child Elimination
Submitted by Anita
Have your entire class standup. Choose one child and name an attribute of that child (brown hair). All The children with brown hair remain standing, while the others sit down. Next, choose another attribute and continue the game
Body Part Musical Squares
Submitted by Jane
Put one square on the floor for each child. Place the squares randomly throughout the room. The game begins with each child standing on a square. Start playing music and have the children move around the room in a way that you state (crawl, walk backwards, hop, etc.). When the music stops the children must return to their square and touch a body part (Knee, Elbow, Foot, etc.) that you yell out.
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