Preschool Black History Science

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George Washington Carver
Submitted by Nancy
Talk to your children about all of the wonderful inventions that George Washington Carver made with the peanut. Then let your children shell peanuts and observe them the way George Washington Carver would have seen them.
I Have a Dream
Submitted by Paula
Make a large bulletin board cloud on a piece of paper. Then ask your children what their dreams are (what they want to be when they grow up, ways to make the world happier, etc) and write them in the cloud.
Snack Discrimination
Submitted by Farah
To get the idea of discrimination across, at snack time tell your children that only kids with blue shirts will get any snack. You will likely hear a lot of the children comment that that is 'Not Fair!' at this time explain that that is what discrimination is and that everyone will get snack.
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