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Red Light Inventor
Submitted by Hollie
Talk to your children about Garret Morgen the inventor of the traffic light. Then play the classic game of red-light, green light, one-two-three.
If you don't know this game works it is really simple. You have one child be it and they stand with their backs turned to the other students. They will then hold up a green light and the other children will run towards them. They can then hold out a yellow card and the other children will run slower. Finally they can hold out a red card and the other children will stop. They can hold the cards out in any order. This is a fun game that will help develop motor skills!
Diversity Sheet
Submitted by Corrie
Have your children use water bottles to spray on a sheet. Let them watch as all of the colors run and blend together to make something beautiful. Then talk to your children about how everyone is different but they all blend together in work and play to make the world wonderful!
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