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Africans - Paper
Africans - Chess
Africans -Alphabet
Africans - Medicine
Africans - Civilization
James S. Adams - Aeroplane propelling
A.P. Ashbourne - Biscuit cutter
L.C. Bailey - Folding bed
James A. Bauer - Coin changer
Andrew Beard - Rotary engine
Andrew Beard - Car coupler
G.E. Becket - Letter box
Alfred Benjamin - Stainless steel pads
Henry Blair - Corn planter
Sarah Boone - Ironing board
Otis Boykin Pace - maker controls Guided-missile
H. Bradberry - Torpedo discharge
Charles Brooks - Street sweeper
Phil Brooks - Disposable syringe
L.F. Brown - Horse bridle bit
Marie Brown - Home security system
Oscar E. Brown - Horseshoe
John A. Burr - Lawn mower
Burridge & Marshman - Typewriter
R.A. Butler - Train alarm
Geo.Carruthers - Image converter Radiation detector
John Clark - Track athlete trainer
George Cook - Automatic fishing reel
A.L. Cralle - Ice cream mold
Wm. D. Davis - Horse riding saddle
W.A. Deitz - Shoe

Joseph Dickinson - Player piano, Record player Arm, and Door stop & knob
Clatonia J. Dorticus - Photo print wash and Photo embossing mach.
P.B. Dowing - Postal letter box
Dr. Charles - Drew Blood plasma
T. Elkins - Toilet
David A.Fusher - Furniture caster
Robert Flemming Jr.- Guitar
David Gittens Ikenga - gyroplane
Ikenga/mk3 -automobile and Skooterboard
Geo. F. Grant - Golf tee
J. Gregory - Motor

Micheal Harney - Lantern
Solomon Harper - Thermo hair curlers
Wm. Harwell -Attachment for shuttle arm (Device used to capture satellites)
Augustus Jackson - Ice cream
B.F. Jackson - Gas burner
H.A. Jackson - Kitchen table
Joseph N. Jackson - Programmable remote control and Video commander
Artis Jenkins O- .F. Cable w/non-met. sheath
Issac R. Johnson -Bicycle frame
Jerry Johnson - Sani-phone
John A. Johnson - Wrench
Lonnie Johnson - Super soaker
P. Johnson - Eye protection
W. Johnson - Egg beater
Jones & Long -Bottle caps
H. Jordan - Clothes dresser
Latimer& Nichols - Electric lamp
W.A. Lavalette - Printing press
Lester Lee - Lasher fuels
Maurice W. Lee - Pressure cooker
F.W. Leslie - Envelope seal
A.L. Lewis - Window cleaner
John L. Love - Pencil sharpener
Tom J. Marshal - Fire extinguisher
W.W. Martin - Lock
Jan Matzeliger - Shoe lasting machine
Elijah McCoy - Lubricators
Hugh McDonald - Rocket catapult
Alexander Miles - Elevator
Garrett Morgan - Gas mask and Traffic signal
Lyda Newman - Hair brush
Alice H. Parker - Heating furnace
J.F. Pickering - Blimp
Purdy & Sadgwar - Folding chair
W.B. Purvis - Hand stamp and Fountain pen
L.P. Ray - Dust pan
A.C. Richardson - Insect destroyer gun
W.H. Richardson - Baby buggy
N. Rillieux - Sugar refinement
Walter Sammons - Pressing comb and Hair dressing device
G.T. Sampson -Clothes drier
Henry Sampson - Cellular phone
E.W Stewart - Mop
Dewey Sanderson - Urinalysis machine
Ralph Sanderson - Hydraulic shock absorber
S.R. Scottron - Curtain rod
Adolph Shamms - Multi-stage rocket
J.W. Smith - Lawn sprinkler
R.B. Spikes - Automatic gear shift
J. Standard - Refrigerator
Darryl Thomas - Cattle roping apparatus
Rufus J. Weaver - Stairclimbing wheelchair
Paul E Williams - Helicopter
J.B. Winters - Fire escape ladder
Black History Month
Martin Luther King Jr.
George Washington Carver
Civil Rights Movement

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