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Bird Observatory
Submitted by Charlette
If you have a window in your classroom set up a bird observatory next to it. Place binoculars and bird books next to the window so that your students can view real birds.
Which One Flies?
Submitted by Lisa
Cut out a lot of pictures of different birds. Let your students identify which one flies and which ones do not.
Make Your Own Bird Nest
Submitted by Gayle
Provide you students with mud, sticks, grass, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and pebbles. Let you kids create their own bird nest. Later you can talk about why birds use these things in order to keep their eggs warm.
Bird Feeder
Submitted by Tonya
Use Either Stale Bread or a Corn Cob as a base. Spread Peanut Butter all over the base. Then press bird seeds into the peanut butter and you have a nifty bird feeder.
Bird Feathers
Submitted by Leslie
Collect Duck feathers (or other bird) from the local park or petting zoo. Show your children how the feathers repel water by putting them on the table and squirting a small amount of water on them
Are You as Tall as a Penguin
Submitted by Janice
Get a life size penguin from your local school supply store and measure the kids against it to see if they are as tall as a penguin
Egg Float
Submitted by Tonya
Put a hardboiled egg in water. The egg will sink. Tell your children that you are going to add salt to the water and ask them what they think will happen. Once you stir in enough salt the egg will actually float.
Owl Pellets
Submitted by Carla
Get owl pellets (bone and feather owls throw up) and put them in a glass jar. Provide magnyfing glasses and let your children look at them close up.
What Liquids Do To Your Teeth
Submitted by Lisa
Put several eggs into different liquids (cola, milk, orange juice, etc). Discuss with your children what they think will happen to the eggs in the different liquids. Leave the eggs in the liquids for a couple of days. When you take it out the kids can see what the liquids would do to their teeth
Hatch a Bird
Submitted by Karen
Use an incubator to hatch a baby chick. You can order an egg from several Internet sites or ask a local hatchery (most will be happy to help out a school)
Egg Fry
Submitted by Sarah
If you live somewhere that gets particularly hot. Take an egg outside and show your children how that you can fry an egg on asphalt. My children were amazed at this.
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