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Sensory Table Beach Party
Submitted by Cindy
Put a pile of sand in the middle of the table, pour blue colored water around the sand to make an island. Add cut up washclothes, paper umbrellas, small seashells and multicultural people on island. Add ships or boats to water around the island.
Beach Towel Day
Let the children bring in a beach blanket during beach week. They can take naps on them are sit on them during activity time.
Fruit Tray
Ask each of the children bring in a different type of fruit. Then cut up the fruit and have a tray of fresh tropical fruit.. . Can also serve frozen drinks.
Seashell Sand
Submitted by Julie
Add seashells to your sand table for a great beach feel.
Beach Party
Submitted by Glory
Have your children wear their swimsuits one day and have a beach party complete with beach balls, volleyball (over a short net or no net at all), Frisbee's, etc.
Hula Party
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Have a hula party where your children where hula skirts, Leigh, dance with hula skirts.
Seafood Restaurant
Submitted by Amy
In your dramatic play area set up a seafood restaurant complete with menus, plastic food, and play money. They can pretend to be waiters and waitresses. Remind your children to order healthy food.
Ocean Area
Submitted by Tina
Create an ocean area by putting as many ocean items as you can in the area. Some ideas are:
*Fishing Nets
*Sharks jaws/teeth
*Dried seahorses
Beach Trip Dramatic Play Area
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Use a small cooler and put everything that you would need for a trip to the beach:
*Beach Towels
*Sun Glasses
*Swim Suits
*Sand Toys
*Soda Bottles (Empty)
Seaweed Taste Test
Submitted by Candy
Go to a health food or ethnic grocery store and buy different types of seaweed. Let your children taste the different types of seaweed
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