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Balloons can be a serious choking hazard. Many schools do not allow balloons into their schools for this reason. If you choose to do a project or game with balloons please use extreme caution and adult supervision
Bouncing Balloons
Submitted by Jen
This is the way we bounce the balloons
bounce the balloons, bounce the balloons
This is the way we bounce the balloons, gently in the air
Blowing up Balloons
Submitted by Tina
This is the way we blow up our balloon (put hands together at mouth)
Blow up our balloons; blow up our balloons. (Spread hands apart wider and wider) Oh, oh, uh - no! (Clap loudly) my balloon burst
Blow Up The Balloons

(Child name) had a red balloon so she blew and blew, (blow into heads),
Until it got so big and fat and grew and grew and grew (spread hands apart).
(Child name) kept it in the air, Never let it drop,
Until one day it hit the ground and suddenly went pop! (clap hands).
Repeat for other colors and childrens names
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