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Balloons can be a serious choking hazard. Many schools do not allow balloons into their schools for this reason. If you choose to do a project or game with balloons please use extreme caution and adult supervision
Balloons and Weight
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Talk about how different gasses have varying weight, then bring in two balloons one blown up by you and one by a helium machine and let the children see the diffirence. This is even more impressive if you can get a helium machine and blow it up before their eyes!
Balloon Match
Submitted by Lisa
Make several sets of balloon pictures. Let your children match them by shape, color, size, or anything else they want to.
Demonstrate the Power of Air
Submitted by Jen
Very simply this is a science activity to teach children about air. First blow up a balloon. Then let the air out in a way that your children can see the air in action: Some ideas are to put the end over a party favor, to let the air out blowing a peace of cotton, child's hair, etc. Additionally you can show how the air escaping can make noise by pulling the opening tight.
Balloons and Blowing
Submitted by Jenni
Get either kazoos or the party favors that open when you blow out on them and show the kids that the same thing happens when you put the end of a balloon over the part you blow in to. Younger children will be amazed by this!
Balloon Static
Submitted by Julie
Rub balloons on one of your children's head to create static electricity then put the balloon on the wall. The static electricity will make the balloon stick to the wall. You can also stick tissue paper and other small objects to the balloons. Finally, have the children hold the balloon over other children's heads and it will make their hair stand up.
Balloon Rocket
Submitted by Betty
Run a string through a straw and run the string all the way across your room. Next attach the end of a long balloon to the string. Blow up the balloon move it to one side of the room and let go. The straw and balloon will move across your room along the string.
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