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Balloons can be a serious choking hazard. Many schools do not allow balloons into their schools for this reason. If you choose to do a project or game with balloons please use extreme caution and adult supervision
Up, Up and Away
Submitted by an Jenni
Give each of your children a precut Hot Air Balloon shape and let them decorate it however they wish. Then write the child's name on the basket and a picture of them (or a drawing of themselves by your children) in the basket. Title the board something like "Up, Up and Away," Lifting Off To A Great Future," etc.
Balloon Snack
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make a balloon snack using either sugar cookies or rice cakes. Frost them and then use licorice string
Balloon Treat
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make a balloon treat by decorating a rice cake (smaller sized ones) with frosting and adding a licorice string.
Notes About Balloons
Submitted by B. W. Greene
Circus ideas are great! Caution on the balloons - make sure the children don't put the balloons to their face. When a balloon pops near the mouth it can wrapped around the lungs because the first reaction is a gasp which draws the pieces in to the mouth. Also make sure no one has a latex allergy. If one stretches the balloon first before blowing it up it inflates easier.
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