Preschool Arbor Day Science

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Grow a Tree
Submitted by June
If you have a place. Plant a Tree in the Spring and Once a week let the children go see the progress. You can also let the children draw their own baby tree.
Changing Tree
Submitted by Betty
Put up a tree in your classroom. Over time change a few leafs a day to orange and brown. See how long it takes for your children to notice.
Adopt a Tree
Submitted by Bonnie
When doing a Unit on Trees have your class go outside and adopt a tree. Then you can take walks to the tree and do activities with the tree. Some activities include:
  • Measuring how many children (with hands joined) it takes to go around the tree
  • Talk about what animals could live in the tree
  • Draw pictures of the trees
  • Take pictures of the tree (monthly) so the children can see the tree change over time
  • In conjunction with the book
    A Tree Can Be, talk about what a tree can be to your students
    Wagon Tree
    Submitted by an Unknown Friend
    Plant a tree with your class in a wagon. This way you can wheel the tree into the classroom to water and out to the playground to get
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