Preschool Arbor Day Activities

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Tree Farm
Submitted by Lisa
Set up a tree farm in your sand table
*Provide tractors, bulldozers, etc for them to play with
*Put pieces small branches in the table
*tell your children to plant trees and harvest them
Leafy Snack
Submitted by Julie
Make sandwiches and use leaf cookie cutters to create leaf shaped sandwiches
Alternatively use Jell-O, to make Leafy Jigglers
The Family Tree
Submitted by Tina
Have the children bring pictures of their family to class. Let the children draw a tree on the poster board. Next have the children paste the pictures on the tree. Now you have a cute family tree.
Tickle Tree
Submitted by Bonnie
Draw a triangle shape tree on piece of paper. Then have your children cut three inch pieces of green paper and curl them with scissors. Finally, let your children glue the curled paper to the triangle to make a unique tree. Add the following Poem to the bottom of the Picture

This is my tickle tree,
As you can plainly see,
It will tickle you,
As it has tickled me.
So if you are not careful, this little tickle tree,
Will make you say Hee, Hee, Hee.

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