Preschool Apple Activities

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A Realistic Apple Tree Bulletin Board
Make the tree trunk by cutting up brown paper bags and wrinkling them up and shape it by stapling it to the bulletin board. Then cut out paper apples and staple them on tree branches. Write your children's names on the apples.
Little Red House Fable
Submitted by Karen
Once there was a little boy who came to visit his grandparents in a Norway. Well, the small child gets bored as their is not a lot of excitement in Norway. The boy asks his grandma what he can do. She said to go out in the town and find a round, red house that has no doors, no windows and has a star inside

The little boy ponders the idea but can not figure out what he is supposed to find. She decides to go ask farmer John from next door, as he seems fairly smart. She ask farmer Scott but he can't figure it out but he has an ideal.

He says, See that apple tree in my front yard, go sit under it and think lots of great ideas have come under an apple tree. So the little boy goes, sits under the tree and is about to fall asleep when out of no where a huge puff of wind comes. The tree began to sway and an apple fell out of the tree landing right next to the boy.

The boy picks up the apple looks at it, and suddenly it hits him; An apple is round, red, has not windows, no doors, but wait is there a star inside. He runs to his Grandpa and asks him to cut the apple in half and sure enough, there is a star insider the apple (at this point cut an apple in half and show the star)

Apple Pizza
Submitted by Nancy
For a tasty treat during apple week, make apple pizzas. It is real simple and delicious. Let your children put apple sauce, cream cheese, and cinnamon on toasted hamburger bun halves (can also use biscuits or English muffins). Then Toast them for about twenty more seconds and you have a delicious treat.
Apple Taste Test
Submitted by Brianne
Let your children taste test different types of apples for snack
Juice vs. Cider
Submitted by an unknown friend
Let your children taste the difference between apple juice and apple cider. Ask each child which one they like the best and graph the results.
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