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Easter Cheer
(Sung To: B I N G O)
Submitted by an Unknown User
Though Jesus died, let's not be sad (Make a sad face.)
On the cross for all to see (Make cross with fingers)
The thunder clapped (Clap hands & stomp feet)
The earth, it shook (Shake Body)
When Jesus died, our sins he took (Cross arns on chest and slowly raise them upward)
Then Jesus rose on the third day (hold up three fingers)
Walked from the tomb in which he lay (put head on hands like sleeping)
The angels sang In heaven above (cup hands over mouth like shouting)
For Jesus Christ's great gift of love (put hands on heart)
Jesus is Alive Today
(Sung To: Mary Had a Little Lamb)
Submitted by Tina
Jesus is alive today, alive today, alive today.
Jesus is alive today, it is Easter morning

I Am
(Sung to: B I N G O)
Submitted by Lisa
I am the resurrection and life.
He who believes in will
Have life even if he dies,
Have life even if he dies,
Have life even if ee dies
Jesus Died For All The Children
(Sung To: Jesus Loves The Little Children)
Submitted by Hollie
Jesus died for all the children
All the children of the world
Black and yellow and white
The are precious in His sight
Jesus died for all the children of the world.
Jesus Died
(Sung to: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do)
Submitted by Beverly
Don't you know that Jesus died?
Raised again in three short days
Me, the one for whom He died
Far, my sins He took away.
So, I love Him evermore
Love, I've never known before
T, the shape of Calvary
Don't you know he died for me
Glory Hallelujah (repeat from top)

I Am The Resurection
(Sung to: Gilligans Island Theme)
Submitted by Jen
I Am the resurection
I Am the life
Those who belive in me
Will never die
Will never die!
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