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Title: In My Garden : A Counting Book
Author: Ward Schumaker
Illustrator: Ward Schumaker
Age Range: 2 - school age

Whimsy and wonder abound in this horticultural counting book. Beginning readers (and counters--and gardeners!) can count from one grinning watering can to 233 plump little peas, with plenty of dancing flowers, buzzing bees, stones for stepping, and snails late for dinner in between. In the standard counting-book format, numbers one through ten are each given their own two-page spread. Numbers 20, 30, 40, and 50 follow, allowing children to stretch their minds to remember (or learn) what comes between, and the book concludes on a silly note, with number 233. The penultimate page shows every single one of the 233 peas numbered, so young readers can check their work!

Readers confronted with Ward Schumaker's clever, happy, full-page illustrations will feel an irresistible urge to kick up their heels and frolic through the garden of numbers. Witty little visual jokes, such as the six birds singing Bach and the 40 crab apples stomping their feet and grimacing at each other, will delight readers young and old. Who knew learning to count could be this much fun? Schumaker has charmed readers with several other picture books, including Sing a Song of Circus.
Review by Emilie Coulter