Bulletin Board Background Ideas

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Tired of old boring backgrounds, don't have any paper rolls, or just
looking for a cheap alernative?
Try Some of the following ideas:

Clothe Fabric/Sheet
  • Get parents to donate old cloth
  • Purchase out of season fabric at the store for real cheap
  • Use it to create your own border

Hang a white sheet across a fence and let your children use water bottles to spray on it

Wrapping Paper
  • Use to make letters (trace backwards on back and cutout)
  • Use backside and let children decorate background
  • Use it to create your own border


  • Can find out of date cheap

Shower Curtain
  • Sometimes available at dollar stores
  • Can't Glue Anything to It

  • Available at Craft Stores
  • For added effect have children sprinkle paint or colored glue on it

Tablecloths (cheap at the dollar store)
  • Use Blue for the Sea or Sky
  • Use Green for Grass, Lilly Pads, etc.
Plastic Table Cloth Bulletin Boards Back
Submitted by Gina
Have children cut out the letter "N" from a newspaper and paste it over the actual picture of a letter"n".