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Title: There's An Alligator Under My Bed
Author: Mercer Mayer
Illustrator: Mercer Mayer
Illustrations: Pen, ink, and watercolor washes which are color separated and reproduced in full color
Age Range: 4+

A little boy has a terrible problem; an alligator is living under his bed. Each night he has to carefully jump into bed, but every time he or his parents look for the alligator it hides. One night the boy decides that it is time to get rid of the alligator. I order to get rid of the alligator, the boy goes to the refrigerator and takes out all of the food. He then makes a trail from under his bed, down the stairs, and finally into the garage. After the boy makes his path he hides and waits for the alligator to come enough'. The alligator soon comes out and eats all of the food from the bed to the garage. The little boy then looks the door to the garage behind the alligator, leaves his dad a warning message, and goes to bed worry free.

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