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State Child Care Licensure Regulations

NNCC Research by States- bibliography

2000: Children in the States - state profiles and rankings on several indicators of the condition of children and their families Children's Defense Fund Action Council

After School Programs that Promote Child and Adolescent Development Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

America's Child Care Crisis: A Crime Prevention Tragedy (PDF)- a report on the relationship between quality child care early in life and reduced crime and violence later in life

Bank Street College's Recommendations for Universal Pre-K programs

"Be All That We Can Be: Lessons From the Military for Improving Our Nation's Child Care Sytem" (PDF) - a report from the National Women's Law Center

Building Strong Foundations for Early Learning: Guide to High Quality Early Childhood Programs U.S. Department of Education (Nov. 2000)

Child & Family Canada - Social Issues Canadian Child Care Federation

Child Care Arrangements for Children Under Five: Variations Across States the Urban Institute

Child Care Assistance for Needy Families Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) - 50-state policy comparison of subsidized child care assistance for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) families, families transitioning off cash assistance, and low income families.

Child Care for Low Income Families National Academy of Sciences, Board on Children, Youth and Families

The Child Welfare Review - the online journal of the Child Welfare Research Institute

Cooperative Extension's Capacity to Support Programs for Children, Youth, and Families at Risk: The Organizational Change Survey (PDF) - an article in The Evaluation Exchange, p. 12

Costs and Benefits of Early Childhood Intervention (PDF) Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Cultural Diversity and Early Education National Academy of Sciences, Board on Children,Youth and Families

Eager to Learn: Educating Our Preschoolers (Executive Summary) Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy, National Research Council

Early Childhood Activities in the States, 1996-1998 Results of a survey by the National Governors' Association Center for Best Practices

Early Childhood Clearinghouse: Facts in Action - lots of good information on the state of child care; especially useful for reports, newsletters, speeches, etc.

Early Childhood Research and Practice - online research journal edited by Lilian Katz and Dianne Rothenburg

ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education

The Evaluation Exchange - publication on strategies for evaluating child and family services; from the Harvard Family Research Project (available online and in print)

A Family Perspective on Policymaking - website for educators, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in family policy; includes briefing reports, technical reports, newsletters, fact sheets, and links to other policy websites from community, state, national, and international perspectives.

"Federal Programs for Children & Families: A Tool for Connecting Programs to People" (1999) Congresional Research Service

Financing Child Care The Center for the Future of Children (Packard Foundation)

"From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development" - report by the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine; implications for policymakers of 50 years of child development research

Kids Count - reports and information from the Annie E. Casey Foundation; a national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the United States; available in print and on-line

Long Term Outcomes of Early Childhood Programs The Center for the Future of Children (Packard Foundation)

Multi-Age Grouping in Child Care - a bibliography of research and other published articles Ryerson Polytechnic University School of Early Childhood Education

My Daddy Takes Care of Me! Fathers as Care Providers (1993) U.S. Census Bureau report

National Study of Child Care for Low-Income Families: State and Community Substudy Interim Report J. Layzer

National Governors' Association's (NGA) policy on child care and early education - approved at the winter 2000 meeting

The New Child Care Block Grant: State Funding Choices and Their Implications - a report from the Urban Institute

Opening a New Window on Child Care - 1999 report on the current state of child care in the U.S.; National Council of Jewish Women

The Policy Exchange - website disseminating information on the work of this think tank devoted to issues of family policy

The Prevention Yellow Pages - a worldwide directory of programs, research, references and resources dedicated to the prevention of youth problems and the promotion of nurturing children

Reports from the Board on Children, Youth & Families - National Academy of Sciences

Research of the National Center for Early Development and Learning

State Initiatives to Increase Compensation for Child Care Workers Urban Institute (Feb. 2001)

Teen Risk-Taking: Promising Prevention Programs and Approaches Urban Institute

What Extension Can Offer to Welfare Reform Karen DeBord

"What Grown-Ups Understand About Child Development: A National Benchmark Survey" (2000) - Zero to Three

Who's Caring for Our Youngest Children? Child Care Patterns of Infants and Toddlers- Urban Institute

Who's Minding the Kids: Child Care Arrangements - 1995 census data U.S. Census Bureau