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Research and Reference Material
A Survey: Quality Practices (PDF) Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

Are They in Any Real Danger? What Research Does - and Doesn't -Tell Us About Child Care Quality and Children's Well-Being (PDF) John Love, Peter Schochet, Alicia Meckstroth

Assessing Program Quality (PDF) Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

Child Care by Kith and Kin: Supporting Family, Friends, and Neighbors Caring for Children National Center for Children and Poverty

Childcare in the United States: Yesterday and Today Marlys Ann Boschee & Geralyn M. Jacobs

Child Care Quality: Does It Matter and Does It Need to be Improved? Deborah Lowe Vandell and Barbara Wolfe

A Comparison of the Development of Infants as a Function of Hours Spent in Day Care Serena Weinberg, Raun Lazier, Amy Shivery, Catherine Chambliss

The "Cost, Quality & Outcomes Study" Executive Summary Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

Early Head Start Research - Building Their Futures: How Early Head Start Programs are Enhancing the Lives of Infants and Toddlers in Low-Income Families, Summary Report The Commissioner's Office of Research and Evaluation and the Head Start Bureau, Administration for Children, Youth and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Early Learning, Later Success: The Abecedarian Study Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

Extension-Supported School-Age Care Programs Benefit Youth Eddie L. Locklear & R. David Mustian

Family, School, and Community Involvement in School-age Child Care Programs: Best Practices Karen DeBord, Marilyn Martin, Tony Mallilo

Head Start and the Cooperative Extension System Charles A. Smith

Impacts of School-Age Child Care Programs Dave Riley, Jill Steinberg, Chris Todd, Sharon Junge, Ina McClain

Lasting Benefits of Preschool Programs Lawrence J. Schweinhart

Long-Term Outcomes of Early Childhood Programs The Future of Children

Longer Term Effects of Head Start (PDF) RAND

Making Investments in Young Children: What the Research on Early Care and Education Tells Us (PDF) National Association of Child Advocates

Multi-Age Grouping in Child Care - a bibliography of research and other published articles Ryerson Polytechnic University School of Early Childhood Education

National Study of Low-Income Child Care Article from Child Care Bulletin

National Studies of School-Age Child Care Programs, Part 1 Polly Spedding

National Studies of School-age Child Care Programs, Part 2 Polly Spedding

Quality Care Does Mean Better Child Outcomes Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

What Do We Really Know about Child Care and Aggression? Diane Bales

What Leads to Satisfaction for Child Care Providers and Parents? Preston A. Britner
Other resources of research on early care and education:
ECRP: Early Childhood Research & Practice - an Internet journal on the development, care, and education of young children

National Child Care Information Center - Research page

Search Institute - Practical Research Benefiting Children & Youth