Preschool Articles - Public Policy

Child Advocacy Organizations & Agencies
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Child and Adolescent Research Consortium - research on mental health and mental illness to benefit youngsters with emotional, developmental, and brain disorders.

Child Care Action Campaign

Child Care Bureau

Child Care Law Center

Child Trends, Inc. - research organization dedicated to studying children, youth, and families

Child Welfare

Child Welfare League of America

Children First - the website of the National PTA

Children Now

Children's Defense Fund

The Children's Foundation

The Clearinghouse on International Developments in Child, Youth and Family Policies - cross-national, comparative information

Connect for Kids: Citizens Working Together to Improve Community Support for Children and Families

Early Childhood Care and Development - site developed by the Consultative Group on Early Child Care and Development, an international, inter-agency group

Early Childhood Connection - range of resources for parents, providers and policy makers grounded in early childhood research and practice; project of Wellesley College's Center for Research on Women

Families and Work Institute

Family Research Laboratory - researches all aspects of family violence

Family Resource Coalition of America

Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center - at Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; research, teaching and public service centered on children and families

Future of Children The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Herr Research Center - applied child development research from the Erikson Institute

Idea Central - welfare & families, health policy, education, civic participation

Institute for Child Health Policy - cooperative effort of Florida's university system

Institute for Children and Poverty - sponsored by Homes for the Homeless

Institute for Educational Leadership: Policy Exchange

Institute for Research on Poverty

Jordan Institute for Families - sponsored by the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Keys to Inclusion - website for agency administrators and policy makers form the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System (NECTAS).

Literacy Online - website of the International Literacy Institute and the National Center on Adult Literacy

National Association of Child Advocates

National Center for Children in Poverty

National Center for Early Development and Learning - from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

National Center for Homeless Education

National Center on Fathers and Families - research-based information on fathers' involvement in families; University of Pennsylvania

National Child Care Information Center

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education - Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education

National Institute on Media and the Family - a number of unique resources including: movie, television and video game content ratings; media awareness programs; and helpful hints for parents and families to evaluate their media use.

National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice - a resource of the University of Iowa School of Social Work

Search Institute - Practical Research Benefiting Children & Youth

Stand for Children Action Center

U.S. Department of Education

U.S. Health & Human Services Admin. for Children and Families

The World Bank - Early Child Development