Preschool Articles - Nutrition

Nutrition Issues
ABC's of Feeding Preschoolers Ann Hertzler

Child Care and Adult Food Program Constance A. Bettis

Child Care Home: Appetites and Healthy Attitudes Toward Food Elaine Wilson & M. Burns

Child Care Home: Food and Nutrition Jana Funk

Cholesterol Guidelines for Children Elisabeth Schafer

Cholesterol Guidelines for Children 112K PDF

Common Questions About Food Sandra Ryan & Elisabeth Schafer

Developmentally Appropriate Food and Nutrition Skills for Young Children Karen DeBord & Ann Hertzler

Dietary Guidelines for Children Age Two to Five Darlene Martin

Family Nutrition Guide Harriet Kohn & Darlene Martin

Fiber Content of Kid-Appeal Foods 70K PDF

Food for "ME TOO": The Preschooler Carol Hans, Nicholas Fradgley, Elisabeth Schafer

Food for "ME TOO": The Preschooler 182K PDF

The Food Guide Pyramid Sandra Ryan & Elisabeth Schafer

The Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children Center for Nutrition Policy Promotion (USDA)

The Food Guide Pyramid Quiz Ann Hertzler

The Food Guide Pyramid - a downloadable (PDF) 8-1/2 X 11 poster in color or black and white from USDA

Health Wealth: Kids, Nutrients and Health Ann Hertzler & Karen DeBord

How's Your Nutritional Health? - QUIZ Darlene Martin

Hyperactivity Not Linked to Food Additives Elisabeth Schafer

Kids Cart Smart Food Choices: At Home, Shopping, and Eating Out Ann Hertzler & Karen DeBord

Kids, Food and Money Ann Hertzler, Elaine Scott & Mick Coleman

Nutrition for the Preschool Child Darlene Martin & Charlotte Kern

A Parent's Guide to Children's Weight Carol Hans

A Parent's Guide to Children's Weight 70K PDF

Planning for Good Nutrition Lesia Oesterreich

Promoting Good Food HabitsDarlene Martin

Read the Label Elisabeth Schafer

School-Age Kids, Food and Safety Mary A. Keith