Preschool Articles - Child Development

Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children: How Abuse and Neglect in Childhood Impact Social and Emotional Development (in Spanish)Bruce Perry, Duane Runyon & Carrie Sturges, The ChildTrauma Academy

Building a Sense of Community with School-Age Children Carole Eller

The Child's Loss - Death, Grief and Mourning: How Caregivers Can Help Children Exposed to Traumatic Death (in Spanish)Bruce Perry & Jana Rubenstein, The ChildTrauma Academy

Childhood Aggression: Where Does It Come From? How Can It Be Managed? (also in PDF) Karen DeBord

Children May Experience Long Term Effects of Disaster Joyce Powell

Children Without Friends Series
Children Without Friends, Part 1: Their problems Steven R. Asher & Gladys A. Williams

Children Without Friends, Part 2: The reasons for peer rejection Steven R. Asher & Gladys A. Williams

Children Without Friends, Part 3: Learning about a child's strengths and weaknesses Steven R. Asher & Gladys A. Williams

Children Without Friends, Part 4: Improving social skills Steven R. Asher & Gladys A. Williams

Clinical Depression and Children/Adolescents National Mental Health Association

Dealing with Sadness and Loss Charles A. Smith

Developing Social Skills Peggy Patten

Disaster Recovery: Children's Needs Karen DeBord

Divorce Matters: A Child's View Lesia Oesterreich

The Effects of Divorce on Children Karen DeBord

The Effects of Traumatic Events on Children Bruce Perry, The ChildTrauma Academy

Fear and Courage Charles A. Smith

A Flood of Emotions: The Anniversary of a Traumatic Event Elaine M. Johannes

Grief And The Mourning Process Carolyn S. Wilken

Handling Aggression Charles A. Smith

Helping Children Cope with Failure Christine Todd

Helping Children Cope With Stress Karen DeBord

Helping Children Cope With Stress -PDF

Helping Children Deal with Differences Marilyn Brink

Helping Children To Become Independent Marilyn Lopes

Helping Children to Love Themselves and Others Marilyn Lopes

Helping Children Understand Death Carolyn S. Wilken & Joyce Powell

Helping to Form a Secure Attachment Dave Riley

Helping Young Children Cope with Anger Diana S. DelCampo & Ruth S. Herrera

Helping Your Child Adjust to Child Care Pat Tweedie

Holiday Stress and Divorced Families Robert Hughes

I'm So Mad I Could Scream Sherry Jones

Learning To Share Cathy Malley

Moving to a New Home: Understanding Children Lesia Oesterreich

Moving to a New Home: Understanding Children 182K PDF

Preschoolers Learn Kindness From Each Other Dave Riley

Self-Esteem in Children Karen DeBord

Sharing and Generosity Charles A. Smith

Social and Emotional Development of 5- and 6-Year-Olds Marilyn Lopes

Social Interaction and the Computer Dave Riley
Stress at Home - Kids at School (in PDF) - recognizing and alleviating children's stress caused by financial difficulties (for example, the farm crisis) Donna Donald & Chris Nelson

Taming Temper Tantrums Lesia Oesterreich

Teaching Children How to Succeed Sue Manglallan

Traumatized Children: How Childhood Trauma Influences Brain Development Bruce Perry, The ChildTrauma Academy

What Do We Know about "Real Work"? Deborah Nelson

Young Children Benefit from Conversations About Feelings Marilyn Lopes