Preschool Articles - Assessment

Evaluation and Assessment
Issues of Assessment in Testing Children Under Age Eight Gwen Stevens & Karen DeBord

A Developmental Approach to Assessment of Young Children Lillian Katz

Measuring Kindergartners' Social Competence A.D. Pellegrini and Carl D. Glickman

NAEYC Position Statement on Standardized Testing of Young Children 3 through 8 Years of Age

"Observing Young Children" - video available from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

The Portfolio and Its Use: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment of Young Children Cathy Grace

Readiness for School: A Survey of the States Gitanjali Saluja, Catherine Scott-Little, and Richard M. Clifford

Standardized Testing for Young Children? Not Yet! - position statement of the Association for Childhood Education International.

Child Care Evaluation and Assessment Tools - an extensive collection of resources for program evaluation, needs assessments, children and youth assessments, training assessments, etc.