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Submitted by Jenni
What You Need:
  • Black Paper
  • Chalk
What You Do:
  • Talk to yoru children about X-rays and if you can get them show them some real X-rays.Then have your children draw a simple X-Ray with chalk on the paper. .
Let your children make a butterfly from an X by closing in the sides with different colors, decorations and of course antennas.
X Marks the Spot
Submitted by Louise
What You Need:
  • Paper Bags
  • Paint
What You Do:
  • Talk to your children about how treasure maps have the sport where the treasure is marked with an X. Then Have your children tear rough pieces of paper from paper grocery bags. Then have them paint a treasure map on the piece of paper. Show them pictures from books and have them be as creative as they can.
Give your children graph paper and have them make X's from one corner to the other and then repeat the procedure from another corner. This will make a large X out of X's
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