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How to Brush Your Teeth
Submitted by Bonnie
Show your children how to properly brush their teeth. You can usually get a packet with a toothbrush, those red tablets, and toothpaste from local dentist. This will allow them to chew the tablets. Brush their teeth and then look in a mirror and see what they missed.
Toothpaste Taste Test
Submitted by Jane
Get as many different kinds of toothpaste as you can. Have all of your children taste them. You can even graph which ones are the most favorite and the least favorite.
What Liquids Do To Your Teeth
Submitted by Lisa
Put several eggs into different liquids (cola, milk, orange juice, etc). Discuss with your children what they think will happen to the eggs in the different liquids. Leave the eggs in the liquids for a couple of days. When you take it out the kids can see what the liquids would do to their teeth.
Tracks a Wheel Makes
Submitted by Fran
Let your children drive toy vehicles through several different substances (water, paint, mud, shaving cream, silly putty, etc) Talk to them about the different tracks that is made in the different substances.
Turtle Aquarium
Submitted by Charlette
Put an Aquarium in your room with a turtle in it. Ask your local pet store how to set up the appropriate habitat. Children love to watch the turtle swim and crawl around. Hint: Don't let your children touch the turtle (they can carry diseases)
Brushing Your Teeth
Submitted by Tina
Laminate a large tooth. You can then use washable markers to represent stains on the tooth and toothbrushes to brush away the stains
Teapot Science
Submitted by Beverly
Boil water in a whistling teakettle. Let your children observe the team and evaporation.
Tea Taste Test
Submitted by Cory
Get several different types of tea and let your children taste each of them (make sure that they are cooled down so as not to burn the children). Graph which ones they like the best.
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