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Jello in the Snow
Submitted by Cindy

Mix Jello as per directions on package. Pour into clean baby food jars (one per student). Place containers in sensory table and fill the sensory table with snow. Let your children watch to see when Jello sets.

Outdoor Shadow
Submitted by Betty
Measure children's shadows outside at different times of the day. Mark the shadows so that your children can see the shadow grow and then shrink back.
Shape Walk
Submitted by Paige
Take your children on a walk around the school. Have them point out different shapes to you as they walk (a door is a rectangle, ceiling may form a triangle, etc.)
Groundhog Shadow
Submitted by Julie
Have each child create a groundhog on a paper plate. Attach a stick to this and put it in the ground. Measure the shadow of the ground hog every few hours. Graph the results.
Submitted by Lisa
Provide your children with several grown Sunflowers and tweezers. Let the children pull the seeds from the sunflower. Afterwards you could use the seeds to feed the birds outside or for an art project
Smelling Scents
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Put different scents (peppermint, garlic, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, etc) on several cotton balls and place then in separate plastic containers with tops. Have children guess what they are.
Making Snow
Submitted by Nancy
Use a snow cone maker or blender to make snow. Your children will love it (especially if you live in an area that does not get a lot of snow)
Balls of Sports
Submitted by Amy
Get as many different types of sports balls as possible (basketball, baseball, hockey puck, etc.) and pass them around your class and talk about each one. During play time you can also let your children play with them
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Let your children look at different types of seeds under magnifying glasses. Tell them what plants the seeds make.
Playing with snow
Submitted by Lisa
Let your children play with snow with one mitten hand and one bare hand, have them talk about the difference of the two (don't let them play bare handed very long!)
Changing Shadow
Submitted by Amy
Have your children stand in one spot. Measure and mark their shadow. Now have them sit down and measure the shadow. Talk to them about why the shadow changed.
Sports Bar/Drink Taste Test
Submitted by Bonnie
Let your children taste test the different sports drinks and bars available
Sport Match
Submitted by Tammy
Cut out several sports balls as well as athletes. Have your children match the balls with the athlete that plays it.
Joining Shapes
Submitted by Kelly
Use blocks to show your children that two shapes put together make a completely new shape. For instance two triangles put together make a square.
Shape Area
Submitted by Annette
Put as many different shapes (and sizes of shapes) as you can in your dramatic play area. Let you children see that the same shape can be in many different sizes and forms
Shoe Garden
Submitted by Shellie
Plant fast growing seeds in old shoes and grow a shoe garden in your class
Examining Snow
Submitted by Heather
Put a black piece of paper in the freezer. When it snows get your children bundled up and take them out. Have them catch the snow on the paper and then examine the snowflakes with a magnifying glass.
Snow Water Table
Submitted by Jenny
For added fun during winter put snow in your water table. Add eyedroppers full of colored water. The water runs off and through the snow to form really neat patterns.
Snow Measurement
Submitted by Lisa
If it snows in your area collect a bucket of snow. Heap it up so that your children are convinced that it is full. Let them watch it through the day as it slowly shrinks away. They will be amazed at how little water a bucket of snow is.
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