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Gelatin Rainbow Snack
Submitted by Nicole
Purchase clear plastic cups, Make all six colors of Jell-O: cherry, orange, lemon, lime, berry blue, and grape. After the Jell-O has set spoon one spoonful of each flavor into clear cup. Top with a cloud of whip cream you have an edible rainbow.
Bulletin Board Rainbow
Submitted by Barbra
Cut or have your children cut a large red circle. Then have them cut a slightly smaller orange circle. Then cut a yellow circle slightly smaller than the orange. And so on for green, violet, indigo, and blue. This makes a cute bulletin board border
The Rainbow In The Sky
Submitted by Linda
Take your children outside and show them everything in the sky (clouds, birds, telephone lines, the sun, etc) then have them draw the sky.
Recycling Field Trip
Submitted by Sally
Take your children on a field trip to a recycling plant. They will love seeing the big machines that handle the recycling material
Recycling Visitor
Submitted by India
Have someone from the local recycling commission come to talk to your class about the importance of recycling.
The Rainbow In The Sky
Submitted by Linda
Take your children outside and show them everything in the sky (clouds, birds, telephone lines, the sun, etc) then have them draw the sky.
Snack Ideas
Submitted by an Unknown User
  • Rainbow Jell-O
  • Rainbow Rice Cakes (use food coloring to dye)
  • Meringue Drop Cookies (look just like clouds)
  • Rainbow Banana - die chunks of banana in the colors of a rainbow with Jell-O
Rabbit Footprints
Submitted by Jane
Use a cardboard cutout rabbit footprint as a pattern to make baby powder footprints on the floor of your classroom. When they ask where the footprints came from don't tell them let them guess.
Robot Body
Submitted by Florence
Make a robot body for your children to get into by using a large appliance box. Cut a door into the box. Also arm holes into the box. Put flexible piping (like the kind for dryers) for arms and kitchen gloves for hands. Finally, paint the box to make it look like a robot. Now your children can get into the box and bring the robot to life.
Class Robot
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Have your parents donate different materials that could build a robot (small boxes, Gladware Containers, empty cans, juice jugs, etc) As a class pick where these materials should go and glue them together to form a robot.
Cheese Robot
Submitted by Betty
For snack give your children a cheese robot held together by toothpicks!
Rainbow Stew
Submitted by Jen
Cook two cups water, 1/3 cup sugar, 2/3 cup corn starch, When the mixture has cooled put a few spoonful of each color in the baggy, push out air and seal (you may want to super glue so your children can not open it). Know your children can blend the colors together.
Pet Rocks Gifts
Submitted by Carla
Have your children gather rocks about the size of their fists. Next have them paint the rocks and add faces to make cute pet rocks. These make great gifts.
Rock Gift
Submitted by Drew
Cut about twenty pieces of yarn in the color of your choice. Tie the yarn at the halfway point of the rock (tie a piece both lengthwise and by the width) Next divide the yarn into three sections and braid it. Finally attach a hanger to the rock. Give this as a gift to your parents along with this poem
You are now the proud owner of a Weather Rock.
Please hang outside on a nail.
If your rock is wet it is raining.
If your rock is moving it is windy.
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