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Our Quilt
Submitted by Lisa
With out hands we made this quilt,
We each made a special part,
To show you the friendship that we share,
Warms each little heart
Five Little Ducks & Five Little Quail
Submitted by Paula
Five little ducks went out to play (Wiggle five fingers on one hand)
And met five quail that came their way. (Wiggle five fingers on other hand.)
The five little quail went to get a snack (put quail hand behind back.)
And the five little ducks went quack, quack, quack (use hand to form duck bill)
Quilt Lullabies
Submitted by Nina
Have your children pretend to be under a quilt (or provide a quilt) and sing lullabies.
Five Queens
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
There were five queens on a quest (Hold up five fingers)
To see who was the very best (Wiggle fingers)
The first queen went to take a test (Touch thumb)
The second queen said, I'll go out west (Touch index finger)
The third queen climbed Mount Everest (Touch middle finger)
The fourth queen made a beautiful vest (Touch ring finger)
The fifth queen said, I'll just take a rest. (Touch little finger)
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