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Quilt Area
Submitted by Amy
If you have a lot of old quilts take them and put them in an area and let your children use them during nap time.
Quilting Ladies
Submitted by Florence
If you are near a church or other group check to see if they have a quilting group and if they do ask if you can visit them and see how a quilt is made.
Quilt Bulletin Board for Class Needs
Submitted by Jo
Make a quilt pattern on your bulletin board. Put post it notes with classroom needs on odd squares. Then your parents can get take a post it and buy what your class needs.
Class Quilt
Submitted by Paige
If you like to quilt. Give each of your children. A cloth square and let them decorate them with fabric paints. You can put all of the squares together in a lap quilt or a baby quilt.
Quilt Poem
Submitted by Blair
Have your children make a quilt and put this poem on it:
With out hands we made this quilt,
And we each made a special part,
To show you the friendship we share,
Warms each little heart
Quilt Snack
Submitted by Carrie
Give each of your children a piece of bread and a piece of cheese. Have them make a quilt pattern with the cheese. Then toast it and have snack.
Queen of Heart
Submitted by Karen
Make you own tarts from biscuits and strawberry jam. First have your children flatten biscuits and then make and indention with a heart shaped cookie cutter
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