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Olympic Measurements
Submitted by Carla
Show your children how amazing the olympic records really are. Let them mark off how far the
Long jumpers jump, divers dive, etc.
Olympic Mascots
Submitted by Freta
Talk about the mascots for the Olympics. Talk about the uniqueness of the animals.
Oil and Water
Submitted by Felicia
Talk to your children about the travesties when oil was spilt into the ocean. Then show them how oil floats on water by pouring water into a pan and then pouring oil on top of it.
Ocean Habitat
Submitted by Susan
Put things that exist in a sea habitat (sand, small shells, smooth stones, seaweed, etc) for your children to look at.
Ocean Water
Submitted by Ginger
Show your children seawater by brining in ocean water or adding salt to lake water.
difference in Water Types
Submitted by Janet
Have two bowls of water. One saltwater and one fresh let your children taste and smell the different waters. Then let them float different items in the different waters. (Items that will not float in regular water will float in salt water) Finally, put two small amount in the freezer and check on them every couple of hours (the salt water will freeze slower)
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