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Olympic Book Fun
Submitted by Barbra
Read "Koala L Lou" By Mem Fox and talk about the Koala in the Olympics
Olympic Snack
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Give your children gold foil wrapped candy (Olympic medals) to eat for snack.
Olympic Rings Snack
Submitted by Lisa
Give your children 5 vanilla wafers along with colored frosting (red, green, yellow, blue, and black) Have them create the Olympic Rings with these wafers.
Ocean World
Submitted by Veronica
Have your children paint several clear drop cloths with sea animal pictures. Then create an ocean 'room' in your classroom by hanging these cloths. Put as much ocean material in this room as you can (shells, fish aquarium, etc)
Ocean World II
Submitted by Pam
Block off a separate ocean area in your room by using cardboard car windshield covers with a beach scene. Put as much ocean material in this room as you can (shells, fish aquarium, etc)
Our Little Ocean
Submitted by Anne
Create an underwater environment on your bulletin board (blue water, brown sand, and seaweed). Then have your children make different sea creatures (fish, octopus, jelly fist, starfish, crabs, etc.) and put them on the board. Title the board something like "Our Little Ocean," "Our Underwater Zoo," "Under the Sea," etc
Ocean Bag
Submitted by Debra
Add blue hair gel (or toothpaste), small beads, and foam fish to a Zip-Loc bag. Close the bag and put it into a second bag. Super glue and tape the second bag shut. Now your children can play with this ocean bag.!
Ocean Area
Submitted by Tina
Create an ocean area by putting as many ocean items as you can in the area. Some ideas are:
*Fishing Nets
*Sharks jaws/teeth
*Dried seahorses
Octopus Wind Sock
Submitted by Elizabeth
Cut the end out of a paper bag. Next have your children paint the bag and decorate it as an octopus. Have them attach eight streamers (tentacles) to the end of the bag. On the other end of the bag punch two holes (reinforce with tape and then punch) and put yarn through it. Your children can now hang up the Octopus windsock outside a window and watch the wind blow through it.
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