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Submitted by Patricia
Put your children into groups of four. Have them try to make an octopus with waving tentacles. This is a great activity, they can use their arms or legs as tentacles, while working to stay together as one group.
Fish in the ocean
Submitted by Barbra
Have one (or several children) be the shark. The rest of your children must try to cross the ocean (a set space that you specify) and not get eaten (tagged) by the shark. If they get caught then they join the shark to try to catch more fish. Keep playing until everyone is sharks.
The Opposite Bus
Submitted by Julie
Line up all of your chairs to create a bus. Put numbers on all of the chairs. Then distribute tickets (with corresponding numbers and some word) to your students. In order for the children to enter the bus they must give you the opposite of the word on their ticket. Then you (the engineer) can put on an apron and take their tickets and punch a hole in them and return them. Once all the children are on the bus you say a word and have them all say the opposite of that word. For added emphasis add extra props (such as suitcases and maps)

This game can be played for a train or plane ride also
Who has the Ocean Creature?
Submitted by Mary
Cut out several pictures of different ocean creatures. Pull the names of the creatures out of a hat. The person that has that creature stands up. The last child sitting wins!
Dive Under the Ocean
Submitted by Mrs. Ivy
Put several plastic ocean creatures under a sheet. Call out a child's name and say "(Child's Name) dive under the ocean" then have that child go under the sheet and retrieve an ocean creature. When they have their creature have them tell the class what it is (or if they're too young you can tell them).
Charlie Over the Ocean
Submitted by Hope
Have one child close their eyes and then select a shape from a shape poster. Then all of your children chant:
(Child's Name) over the ocean, (Child's Name) over the sea.
(Child's Name) over the ocean, find a shape for me.
Then the child guesses a shape. And the class responds
"Yes (No) it is (isn't) a _______".
Octopus Tentacle Match
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make a large round octopus head. Then put different numbers of dots, letters, or stickers around the head. Put corresponding dots, letters, or stickers on tentacles. Have your children match the tentacles to the correct spot on the head.
Simulate Olympic Games with Your children:
Submitted by Bernice
Basketball Toss:
Have your children toss a basketball into a small trash can or basket.
Hammer Throw:
Take a tube sock and put a small ball (tennis ball, racquetball, etc) have your children sling it above their head and let it go. See who can sling the ball the farthest.
Have your children throw paper plates as discuss
Throw straws and see who can throw them the farthest.
Obstacle Course:
Set up an obstacle course Having your children crawl under, through, and over obstacles.
Have your children play with flyswatters and balloons
Have children stand on both sides of a net and throw a ball over the net.
Have your children play with flyswatters and balloons
Shot Put:
Have your children throw tennis balls, or softballs like a shot put.
Relay Races:
Have your children run a set distance and hand off a rolled up piece of paper to another student.
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