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Bird Nest
Submitted by Rebecca
What You Need:
  • Coffee Filters
  • Easter Grass
What You Do:
  • Glue the Easter Grass onto the coffee filter and it makes a cute bird nest. Have your children add eggs to this birdnest
    Idea: Dye egg shells pieces and use them for various art projects (collages, to add textures,etc) Note use bleach to disinfect the eggs
Submitted by Debra
What You Need:
  • Pasta
  • Food Coloring/Rubbing Alcohol
  • Yarn
What You Do:
  • Before class dye rigatoni pasta different colors using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Then tape one side of a piece of yarn to the table and let your children thread the pasta through it.
Submitted by Tina
What You Need:
  • Paper
  • Paint
What You Do:
  • Give your children a dress tie cutout design (or have them make their own) then have them paint a design on them.
let your children make necklaces by lacing straw pieces that you cut up.
Real Bird Nest
Submitted by Daylene
What You Need:
  • Mud
  • Sticks, twigs, pine needles, or pebbles
  • Grass or leaves
What You Do:
  • After showing your children pictures of bird nest, provide you students with mud, sticks, grass, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and pebbles. Let you kids create their own bird nest complete with eggs.
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